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Summer in Ontario 2017

Hi everyone no excuses for absence busy catching up with friends and family. Had a good drive back to Ontario stopping at a couple of national parks on the way (Waterton and Grasslands). Been to several Ontario parks with friends and family as well as numerous day trips. As much as i miss the west Ontario is a very beautiful province in its own right. Can't believe its almost August and soon to be no longer homeless as we have purchased a cottage in the Huntsville area. We take possession early Sept but will not enjoy to long as we are heading west again after thanksgiving. . Planning on staying in Victoria Nov- Apr then back to cottage to begin extensive renovations to our new summer/late fall residence for now. Plan is to spend winters in Victoria for now but nothing written in stone. Will post pictures hopefully this week as well. Also this will be last post here to keep in touch follow either Deb or myself on Instagram or Facebook or drop us a line at rdboerner@gmail.com.
LIVE LOVE LAUGH and follow your dreams and in our case explore this wondrous country till your health says otherwise.
Rick & Deb xoxo

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Saying goodbye to Vancouver Island

Wow time seems to fly by quicker every day. Leaving the island tomorrow morning hard to believe we have been here for 9 weeks. We actually spent time with realtor looking at property but did not find a place that we wanted to call home. We truly have fallen in love with the island and west in general. We have booked a trip to Maui leaving on Monday from Vancouver for 11days so as sad as we are leaving the island i think Maui will help us get over it whata think. Upon returning back to Vancouver spending some more time with kids and our precious Emily before heading east on May 1st. Not sure of eta depends on weather and stopping in Lethbridge to get a few things fixed on 5th wheel. Tried to book here but left to long and everyone to busy for my time lines. Hopefully stopping a a few national parks on way home as well. Hope all is well with everyone wherever home is.
Rick & Deb
PS looking forward to seeing everyone back in Ontario.
more pictures posted as well for those interested.

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Vancouver Island

Wow we've been on the island a month already. Started with yet more snow (grrrrr) but no sense grumbling after all we are used to snow and the little we got hardly counts and is actually funny how it brings the cities out here to there knees. Have done lots of hiking, biking trying to keep active. Rick's getting lazy time to crack the whip. Have also been looking at property out here but nothing that says yup lets stay as we are truly falling in love with the island more every day. In Tofino for 3 nights rented a cabin. Started nice and sunny and got lots of walks on the beach yesterday and this morning but clouds rolled in this afternoon and yes as our luck would have it it snowed like crazy for an hour before changing to rain. Hopefully it settles down so we can fully enjoy our last full day tomorrow. Nicole and Emily are coming to Victoria March 10th weekend looking forward to that.
Hope all is well with everyone where ever home is for you.
Rick & Deb

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Loving the west coast

Hi all
Our days in Vancouver are quickly coming to an end, heading out Wednesday to Victoria for Feb & March. Had a great time in Vancouver lots of walks along seawall, Stanley park, snowshoeing and a day in Whistler topped off by an afternoon at he spa. Not to mention lots of time with Emily and the kids. Hope all is well at home and won't be long will be headed east (late April early May).
Rick & Deb

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Happy new year hope everyone had a wonderful christmas. We enjoyed it very much. Our luck (bad) continues with the coldest snowiest winter in Vancouver in a decade go figure but making the most of it. Snowshoeing in the mountains is like walking in a fairy land so beautiful. Plans have changed staying in Vancouver for the month of January then south / island ? stay tuned.
Rick & Deb

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